Feng Shui has a lot of relevance to Chinese history based on spirituality and significance of prosperity and goodness. It is not just about adding these accessories in your room for beautification. These accents have a great meaning to themselves.

One should know the importance of these accents and the sense it pertains relating to the colors used in them. When it comes to home office beautification, you may choose various accessories which may retain colors that signify certain aspects based on the concept of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Color Office Accessories

  • Diaries: Blue color signifies knowledge and wisdom when it comes to Feng Shui. You can buy a diary for your desk that has an imprint of Blue Mountain. The pages can have an illustration of the Chinese Gods on them.
  • Calendars: Red color depicts the fame and will for reputation in present and future. This shade is perfect for your office calendar. You may purchase a calendar that has illustration of God Fuk Luk Sau who is known to be the God of wealth.
  • Waste Basket: You can buy an Eco friendly waste basket of green shade for home office. This color means the strong bond of family. This object will portray harmony and also peace in your room. You can buy the one made from wood or jute.
  • Paintings: You can purchase an oil painting inspired from Feng Shui color pink. This portrays Pink Earth that symbolizes marriage and relationships. So you can get your family portrait with a pink background in your office. It also stands for love.
  • Paper Weight: You can get a paperweight that is black in color. This symbolizes the eagerness for a good career and life journey. It is a very nice accent to beautify your office and also act as a functional object. You can purchase the one with illustration of black water.
  • Carpets: You can buy natural carpets with symbol of fire, water, air and metal on the surface. Traditional rugs with such motifs will signify property and also good luck. You may even cover office floors with purple braided rugs as they symbolize wealth.
  • Lamp: You can buy a lamp that is of yellow color. In Feng Shui, this shade brings in good health for people. You can even choose a cute Feng Shui lampshade for the same. It will grant positivity and also wisdom to you while illuminating the office.
  • Throw Pillows: You may even add throw pillows for comfort on office furniture. Buy throw pillow fabric that is gray in the shade. This Feng Shui color is a sign of travel and helpful people. This portrays that your work will always seek a positive appraisal.
  • Curtains: You can even choose curtains of pastel shades and whites. This symbolizes joy and thrill of creativity. It will act as a great Feng Shui inspired addition to your office. You can even use drapes that are multi colored based on the shades inspired from Feng Shui.

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When it comes to office stationery, you need to keep a tab on two things:

  • Employees should never fall short of items they need on a regular basis. This could disrupt the work flow and the overall productivity of the office will be greatly reduced.
  • Always invest in stationery items that are of the highest quality. This way work can carry on smoothly and there will be no complaints about poor work as everyone will have the best at their disposal.

While shopping for stationery for the office, here are a few items that should be right on top of your list.

  • Paper. This could range from normal writing sheets to A4 sized printing paper. Make sure the stationery cupboard is stocked up with paper so that employees can use them whenever required. Even small offices use a lot of printing paper on a regular basis so bulk purchases need to be made and kept track of.
  • Pens and other writing instruments. While most employees carry their own pens, having spare ones in the office always comes in handy. Besides that, markers, pencils, etc. are also required when meetings are going on so an office should have an ample supply of such items.
  • Folders and files. Ask any secretary in an office and you will get the same answer: without files and folders important documents and papers would easily get misplaced. If this happens, then it’s a nightmare and it just goes to show how important stationery is in an office.
  • Calendars, diaries, etc. When you’re working in an office everything needs to be well organized. Important dates need to be known to everyone and everything has to go off like clockwork. That’s why calendars and diaries are used on a regular basis. This helps keep things organized.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to office stationery. Different offices will have different needs but you will find the ones mentioned above in all organizations. While shopping for stationery always do a little research online. You will land up with some good sites that provide attractive discounts on such items.

Feng Shui literally means wind and water. According to the Chinese, wind and water are the sources of qi or energy. Feng Shui is the placement of objects in a place to increase the positive energy. Feng Shui has been in existence for ages. Feng Shui for office differs from Feng Shui for home.

  • Firstly, you should always face the door or the door should be in on your sides, your back should not face the door. A wall should also be behind you as it provides stability.
  • Do not sit directly under a beam as it imparts negative energy.
  • If you function from a home office, then having your office in your bedroom is a really bad idea as it can cause problems with your office as well as your sleep patterns. Ideally, your desk should be located near the main door of your house as you will get positive energy.
  • Your desk should not be near a bathroom or in a basement as negative energy flows in these places and it will affect your work.
  • If you have a sloped ceiling you should place your desk below the topmost part and if you cannot place it there, you can keep a crystal ball to vanquish the negative effects.
  • Plants are considered a source of positive energy and keeping live bamboo shoots or money plants will help increase your business and make your business successful.

In short, we can say that Feng Shui is the art of obtaining positive energy for our benefits, be it at home or at office.